Tarot Tip: Court Cards Channel the Energies of Major Arcana Cards


Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

Court Cards can be read as people who channel the energies of a corresponding Major Arcana card.

Many Tarot readers agree that the Court Cards are hands-down the most difficult cards to interpret. To better understand the personalities of the Court Cards, try pairing each one with a Major Arcana card. In this schema, the Major Arcana card represents the archetypal energy being expressed by the person represented in the Court Card.

For example, when I see the QUEEN OF CUPS, I think of a personality that is quiet, secretive, self-reflective, and relies heavily on her intuition. The Queen of Cups represents a person who is experiencing the energies and learning the lessons of THE HIGH PRIESTESS.

The QUEEN OF SWORDS represents a person who expresses his or her intellect in a feminine way. This is very similar to the energy of JUSTICE, which is all about creating fairness, objectivity, and partnership. We can think of the Queen of Swords as someone who strives to render an unbiased decision. We can also think of her as someone who uses words to connect with people.

The KING OF WANDS channels the energy of THE EMPEROR. He is a proud leader who likes to take charge and do things his way. He also wants to be where all the action is, although his responsibilities may prevent him from doing that.

I see the PAGE OF WANDS as a person who expresses the archetypal energy of THE FOOL. This person is adventurous, innocent, and wide open to whatever life brings his or her way. Page of Wands type people are also prone to take risks and venture into unfamiliar territory.

Since there are 22 Major Arcana and 16 Court Cards, not every Major is going to be used. Choose the Majors that make the most sense to you. Hopefully this system will help you identify the kind of person being represented by any given Court Card.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot


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