When Your Mind Goes Blank in a Tarot Reading


Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

When your mind goes completely blank in the middle of a reading, simply describe what you see happening in the card. Or ask your querent to describe what s/he sees. You might find that opening up this train of thought leads you to a place that speaks back to your querent’s situation.

This can be done for even the most nondescript cards in the Tarot. Take the EIGHT OF WANDS, for example. What could we possibly say about this card? Let’s break it down…

What’s happening? At first glance it may seem like there really isn’t much going on here, beyond the eight sticks flying through the air. But that one observation already tells us something about the kinds of situations that the 8W describes. We know that the sticks are flying through the air very fast, so its safe to say that the situation represented here is developing rather quickly.

In which direction are the sticks traveling? For those of you who say up, this card probably describes a situation that is on the rise or reaching new heights. It also took a lot of force to launch them into the air from the ground, suggesting that this is an intentional and organized effort. These kinds of things don’t happen by accident. For those of you who see the sticks flying down towards the ground, the 8W might describe a situation that is about to come to an abrupt end.

Which symbols stand out? I saw the little green leaves growing out of the sticks. I also noticed the grassy landscape in the background. This situation is teeming with life. It’s dynamic and growing.

And there isn’t a cloud in the sky (clear thinking) nor a ripple in the water below (undisturbed emotions). If this card describes a person, they would be coming from a place of unequivocal conviction. They’re very sure about what they are doing, and they are going to execute their plans with efficiency.

What else do you see in this card? Comment below.

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