Tarot Reading for June 1-12, 2017

By: VICTORIA WILSON on June 1, 2017

Robin Wood Tarot


Tomorrow I leave on a business trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. For those of you who don’t know, I am a seasonal employee of the Educational Testing Service, and this is the time of year I fly out to grade AP exams. I won’t have time to post regularly to my social media, so I’m taking a short break from daily readings starting now until Monday, June 12. Here is a general reading for that entire period. I’ll still be around to post sporadically.

Opportunity – THE SUN

The most prominent symbol in The Sun is a naked baby. Riding a white horse with his arms thrown wide open, he radiates joy and innocence. Unlike adults, children don’t shoulder the responsibilities of making the world turn. For many, being a kid is by definition having the freedom to play, sometimes in a world of pure make-believe. The beauty of childhood is that life doesn’t need to be taken so seriously, and the rules don’t matter so much. Children are free to be fully present in the moment and enjoy themselves without having to consider the long-term consequences.

Because this card arrives near the end of the Major Arcana, it represents one of the final processes on the path towards self-realization. The end goal of life is to see ourselves honestly and fulfill what we came here to do. The Sun represents the moment we accept ourselves for who we are and our place in the greater cosmos. For those of us who are still figuring that out, the answer often lies in the games you liked to play as a child. What brightened your day and made you happy? What would happen if you approached your adult problems as a child approaches a game?


A man and woman dance together underneath a huppah – the Jewish symbol of the home. In both The Sun and Four of Wands, there are no walls put up. We can see things transparently for what they are, without suffering any illusions. “Home” is wherever we feel comfortable being ourselves, where we don’t feel the need to pretend or hide.

The Four of Wands warns us against limiting ourselves to the confines of what is already familiar. Don’t be afraid of venturing away from home.


Sitting above the water, the King of Cups has mastered the art of feeling his emotions in a way that is aligned with his growth and well-being. On the surface he looks calm and put-together. But beneath his feet, strong ocean currents rush forward and pull back. Turbulent emotions do not spoil his sense of peace because he has learned how to reflect rather than react.

Mirroring The Sun, the King of Cups highlights a contrast between the inner and outer. Many of us search for meaning in things outside of ourselves. But the King of Cups reminds us that true happiness can only be found within when we are fully aware of our inner divinity. Because you are a child of God/dess, you are “home” wherever you go.

Robin Wood Tarot


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