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Five Ways to Integrate the Teachings of The Star


Welcome to the first annual INTERNATIONAL TAROT DAY BLOG HOP! Today we celebrate the global practice of Tarot and the connection that it provides across multiple cultures and geographical locations. Join us as we undertake this journey throughout the 78 cards of the Tarot.




Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot


Even when the sea is stirred up by the winds of self-doubt, we can find our way home. We can discover in the midst of the waves our spacious and wakeful awareness.

Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance


For years whenever I look at The Star, all I saw was a soothing picture of healing. My eyes immediately go to the seven white stars hovering in the sky, a reference to the seven chakras that line the human spinal column. Chakras, the energetic centers of our physical body, help us stay healthy and aligned. When they are blocked, illness befalls us. Energy workers interact directly with the Chakras in their healing practice.


The big yellow star in the center of it all represents the 8th “Spirit Chakra,” which hovers just a little bit above the Crown Chakra. The Spirit Chakra is known to be the gateway between our individual human consciousness and a much grander and universal collective consciousness. Think of it as a warehouse that stores your karmic memories from multiple lifetimes. When the 8th Chakra is opened, we see the subconscious patterns that hold us back from finding the paradise within. When we see that, we can then commence work on releasing them once and for all. Just as the 8th Chakra serves as a spiritual guidepost; The Star is about accessing Divine guidance from within. Once we are enlightened to the err of our ways, we can then begin the work of healing.


Underneath the sky, a woman grasps two clay jugs – one in each hand – as water freely pours out from both. I’ve always regarded her as a Reiki practitioner of sorts, healing the earth and herself with the energy that flows from her hands. The contents of one jug flow into a small body of water, while the contents of the other pours directly onto the ground. To live a full life, we must give equal weight to both the inner and outer. The medicine that The Star offers is emotional balance between the needs of others and those of your own. When this card appears in your reading, think about how much of your individual self are you willing to give up for the sake of belonging to a larger collective?


The Star also makes me think of Aquarius, the Rebel of the zodiac who pits himself against the collective, just for the sake of being different. To do this, one must have a tremendous amount of self-confidence shored up. If you happen to view the Major Arcana as a set of psycho-spiritual processes that we undergo on the path towards self-realization, then The Star represents what author Tara Brach calls Radical Self-Acceptance.”  Radical Self-Acceptance, Brach writes, is the coming into awareness of what is happening in your mind and body in the present moment without needing to take action on it or pass judgement on its value. When we can do that, the work of releasing outworn patterns that have held us back begins. Healing comes in having faith in yourself.


Photo: Victoria Wilson


Here are 5 ways you can harness your self-confidence by integrating the teachings of The Star into your daily life.


1.) Question Authority

Thinking for yourself sometimes means rejecting the ideas of authority figures and people who are more elevated in stature than you. Maybe you think differently from your teachers, or you have ideas that contradict those of your boss. If that’s the case, then preach it! Too often we fall into the trap of discounting ourselves because someone else doesn’t agree with us. But whose to say that they’re right and you’re wrong? If there’s evidence to back up your claims, your opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s.


2.) Offer unpopular opinions

Sure it feels good to be liked and surround yourself with people who agree with you. And no one wants to be targeted or attacked for what they believe in. But there’s something to be said about owning the freedom to speak your mind. It’s a Universal truth that no matter how hard you try to please everyone, there’s always going to be someone out there who doesn’t like you, often for reasons that have nothing to do with you.


I can’t tell you how many times I have paused before saying something in a crowd of people, or posting something on Facebook, that I know isn’t going to be received well. When I catch myself doing this, I always make a point to say it anyways out of principle. You would be surprised how liberating it can feel when you let go of the need to be liked by others.


3.) Get comfortable in your own skin

Every time I go to the beach or pool it makes me so happy to see people with less than perfect bodies flaunting their stuff in their bathing suits. It makes me think of the nude woman in The Star, totally unaware of how she appears to the outside world while she is lost in her own inner bliss. She shows her naked body to the world without any embarrassment or shame.


What teaching does she offer you? That you are already perfect as we are. Be proud of the way God/dess made you. In The Star’s Aquarian world, everyone belongs.


4.) Let go of anything – values, beliefs, and routines – that do not reflect your authentic self

The Star teaches us how to distinguish between what others want for us, and what we want for ourselves. Over the years we all learn what it means to be a model citizen (such is the lesson of The Hierophant) and how to blend in with the crowd. The choice is ours to accept the status quo, or to go against the grain. The Star would urge you to choose the latter!


If you don’t agree with the direction in which the collective is moving, then don’t follow. Aquarius reminds us that it’s healthy to stick out like a sore thumb, vocalize opposition, and stand up for your beliefs. The Star of Aquarius allows us to be visionaries and see what others cannot. If we know something is true in our hearts, we are obliged to act in accordance.


5.) Forgive and forget

This one goes back to the idea of radical self-acceptance. Sometimes in the process of accepting ourselves fully, we must release any guilt for choices made in the past. This means recognizing that to be human is to be flawed, and that we are all prone to make mistakes. The Star calls on us to own those mistakes, and be open to whatever lessons they had to teach us.


Aquarius beckons us to look at things from a grander cosmic viewpoint. Everything – both good and bad – has its place in the overall scheme of the Universe. The more we can open our hearts to the possibility that the people who hurt us did so to expose a part of ourselves, the more we open ourselves up to the healing energy of The Star.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot


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Weekend Tarot Reading for June 23-25, 2017


Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

New Moon in Cancer (Fri); Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer square Jupiter in Libra (Sat); Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces (Sun)


We are pouring our energy and emotions into defending the home base. What threats are encroaching onto your safety and security? Resisting these forces will call on you to articulate your standpoint through writing and talking. While it may seem adequate to approach this from a place of logic and common sense, you’ll get more done by appealing to emotions.

Opportunity – KNIGHT OF SWORDS

Be a champion of the principles that you value, as the Knight of Swords represents someone who fights for ideals. What is important to you, and how far are you willing to go to advocate? In the background, powerful winds blow the trees backwards as the Knight of Swords spurs his horse onwards. Sometimes all we need to get going is a little resistance. If motivation is lacking, take a moment to think about the naysayers who oppose you. How satisfying would it be to prove them wrong?


Self-care is important, even when things are moving fast all around you. As someone whose job it is to care for others, the Queen of Pentacles can lose sight of her own needs. You’re running at a speed that is unsustainable over the long term, and pretty soon you’ll be running on empty. How can you nourish yourself, especially your physical body, to make sure that it stays in top fighting condition? You’re a force to be reckoned with, but you have to take care of yourself to stay that way.


But how likely are you to do this if you believe that you deserve little? The Five of Pentacles highlights a fundamental problem of self-worth. You might feel that you have little to offer, but when you take an more objective look at yourself (get input from friends & family), what do you see? If you deserve more compensation for the effort you are putting out, then ask for it. People will value you as much as you value yourself.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot


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Weekend Tarot Reading for June 16-19, 2017


Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces (Fri); Moon enters Aries (Sat); Sun in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries, Mercury in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius (Sun)



You’ve been working hard, and you’ve got plenty to show for it. The Seven of Pentacles shows a man admiring the fruit of his labors. Now its time to give yourself a pat on the back before you continue to move forward. This weekend brings an opportunity to take a break and recharge your batteries. It’s also wise to use this time to reflect on how well your approach has been working out. What, if anything, needs to change so that you can use your time more productively?

Warning – FOUR OF CUPS

The man in the Seven of Pentacles stands with his back turned away from the Four of Cups. There is a situation that he does not see directly before him, but is pertinent to his reality regardless. Both of these men occupy their space alone, suggesting that your relationship to solitude is up for consideration. As you reflect on how far you’ve come, be mindful of the times that others have reached out to you in an effort to connect. Were those efforts to build bridges rebuffed, or did you welcome the gesture? If you’ve been intentionally keeping to yourself, is isolationism something that you can honestly say is helping? If it’s not, then consider opening yourself up. No man is an island.


Showing a scene of direct contact, the Five of Wands is about stepping back into the fray in a healthy way. People often get negative vibes from this card because they see conflict as a bad thing. But what if by pitting yourself against multiple opponents, you end up strengthening and improving on your own qualities? It doesn’t serve you to ignore the “competition.” Make people you once saw as enemies into your friends.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot


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Tarot Reading for June 1-12, 2017

By: VICTORIA WILSON on June 1, 2017

Robin Wood Tarot


Tomorrow I leave on a business trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. For those of you who don’t know, I am a seasonal employee of the Educational Testing Service, and this is the time of year I fly out to grade AP exams. I won’t have time to post regularly to my social media, so I’m taking a short break from daily readings starting now until Monday, June 12. Here is a general reading for that entire period. I’ll still be around to post sporadically.

Opportunity – THE SUN

The most prominent symbol in The Sun is a naked baby. Riding a white horse with his arms thrown wide open, he radiates joy and innocence. Unlike adults, children don’t shoulder the responsibilities of making the world turn. For many, being a kid is by definition having the freedom to play, sometimes in a world of pure make-believe. The beauty of childhood is that life doesn’t need to be taken so seriously, and the rules don’t matter so much. Children are free to be fully present in the moment and enjoy themselves without having to consider the long-term consequences.

Because this card arrives near the end of the Major Arcana, it represents one of the final processes on the path towards self-realization. The end goal of life is to see ourselves honestly and fulfill what we came here to do. The Sun represents the moment we accept ourselves for who we are and our place in the greater cosmos. For those of us who are still figuring that out, the answer often lies in the games you liked to play as a child. What brightened your day and made you happy? What would happen if you approached your adult problems as a child approaches a game?


A man and woman dance together underneath a huppah – the Jewish symbol of the home. In both The Sun and Four of Wands, there are no walls put up. We can see things transparently for what they are, without suffering any illusions. “Home” is wherever we feel comfortable being ourselves, where we don’t feel the need to pretend or hide.

The Four of Wands warns us against limiting ourselves to the confines of what is already familiar. Don’t be afraid of venturing away from home.


Sitting above the water, the King of Cups has mastered the art of feeling his emotions in a way that is aligned with his growth and well-being. On the surface he looks calm and put-together. But beneath his feet, strong ocean currents rush forward and pull back. Turbulent emotions do not spoil his sense of peace because he has learned how to reflect rather than react.

Mirroring The Sun, the King of Cups highlights a contrast between the inner and outer. Many of us search for meaning in things outside of ourselves. But the King of Cups reminds us that true happiness can only be found within when we are fully aware of our inner divinity. Because you are a child of God/dess, you are “home” wherever you go.

Robin Wood Tarot


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