Interpreting Daily Tarot Cards Using Astrology


Alchemical Tarot

When your daily Tarot card doesn’t make any sense at the end of the day, check your Astrological transits. Something you see there may clarify what your card is trying to say.

I tell all of my Tarot students to pull a card for themselves in the morning to get a sense of what the day’s energy will look like. When the day is done, you can come back to your card to reflect on what happened. Sometimes the connection is overwhelmingly obvious, but there are other times when it’s not, and we’re left scratching our heads at what the card is trying to highlight.

This morning I pulled the KING OF SWORDS for myself. Then a few minutes later, I checked my horoscope to discover that the Sun is conjunct my natal Mercury today. The KING OF SWORDS is a master of logic, speech, and judgment. Mercury is the planet of communication. At that moment it made complete sense that the King of Swords is saying that I’ll enjoy a day of clear thinking with a mind that is sharp and alert. Better get cracking on some writing!

Head on over to to check your Astrological transits. If you click on the “Personal Daily Horoscope” option, it will select a single transit and interpret it for you, gratis. It’s a wonderful learning tool for Astrology students like me.

Alchemical Tarot


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Duality in the Tarot


Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

The Tarot offers up a story of duality and unity, of energies that separate and come back together again. We see this in the division of the Tarot into masculine and feminine cards, which reflects the Hermetic world view that life on the physical plane is generated by the ongoing tension between opposite energies.

When two opposing energies merge, their union yields a third composite energy that is even stronger than the first two. Many cards in the Tarot have a masculine or feminine counterpart with whom it shares a defining trait in common, although they go about doing things in opposite ways.

For example…

THE HIGH PRIESTESS (feminine) & THE MAGICIAN (masculine) both describe our relationship to the Divine, but The High Priestess accesses Divinity from within, while The Magician accesses his divine will by transforming his outer circumstances.

THE MOON (feminine) & THE SUN (masculine) represent the inner and outer aspects of the human experience. The Moon represents subconscious experiences such as emotions, imagination, dreams, psychic phenonmena, and our instinctual reaction to things. The Sun represents our conscious awareness and the ego essence.

THE EMPRESS (feminine) & THE EMPEROR (masculine) represent the influence of our parents. How we relate to our inner masculine and feminine as adults is primarily shaped by our childhood relationships with our mothers and fathers.

THE FOOL & THE WORLD represent the merging of these dual opposites. The Fool portrays a figure who is masculine in appearance, and The World a feminine figure, but I think of both of them as dual-gender beings. They represent the principle of GNOSIS, or knowledge God/dess that can only be obtained through earthly experiences. The dualism of the Tarot teaches us that the end-goal of the human experience is to see ourselves in the Other and to understand that separation is an illusion.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

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When Your Mind Goes Blank in a Tarot Reading


Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

When your mind goes completely blank in the middle of a reading, simply describe what you see happening in the card. Or ask your querent to describe what s/he sees. You might find that opening up this train of thought leads you to a place that speaks back to your querent’s situation.

This can be done for even the most nondescript cards in the Tarot. Take the EIGHT OF WANDS, for example. What could we possibly say about this card? Let’s break it down…

What’s happening? At first glance it may seem like there really isn’t much going on here, beyond the eight sticks flying through the air. But that one observation already tells us something about the kinds of situations that the 8W describes. We know that the sticks are flying through the air very fast, so its safe to say that the situation represented here is developing rather quickly.

In which direction are the sticks traveling? For those of you who say up, this card probably describes a situation that is on the rise or reaching new heights. It also took a lot of force to launch them into the air from the ground, suggesting that this is an intentional and organized effort. These kinds of things don’t happen by accident. For those of you who see the sticks flying down towards the ground, the 8W might describe a situation that is about to come to an abrupt end.

Which symbols stand out? I saw the little green leaves growing out of the sticks. I also noticed the grassy landscape in the background. This situation is teeming with life. It’s dynamic and growing.

And there isn’t a cloud in the sky (clear thinking) nor a ripple in the water below (undisturbed emotions). If this card describes a person, they would be coming from a place of unequivocal conviction. They’re very sure about what they are doing, and they are going to execute their plans with efficiency.

What else do you see in this card? Comment below.

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A Timing Technique for Finding Love


Universal Waite Tarot

To find out when any event is likely to come to pass, pull a Tarot card for each month of the year until you get a card that resonates with the event itself.

I’ve been single for 2 years now, so the burning question on my mind this Valentine’s Day is when I can expect to meet someone whom I can love, and who will love me back (be as specific as possible when asking your question). I pulled a card for every month of this year until I got one of the “love” cards of the Tarot, specifically the Ace of Cups for the month of June. I hope this pans out!

You can use a 12-card Calendar spread to do this, with each card representing one month of the year. If you pulled 12 cards but none of them seem to speak to the event you are asking about, it’s likely that this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. In that case, you might want to ask the cards if there is anything you can do to change the timing. If you’re not getting out of the house to meet people, expect it to take a while.

Here are some Tarot cards to keep a lookout for if you are on the look-out for romance:

ACE OF WANDS – Potential for physical passion

ACE OF CUPS – Potential for deep emotional bonding

QUEEN OF CUPS – You’ll meet someone who is receptive to your love

KNIGHT OF CUPS – You’ll meet someone who will pursue you

THE FOOL – Beginning a new life chapter with someone

FOUR OF WANDS – Long-term domestic happiness

TEN OF CUPS – An emotionally fulfilling relationship

PAGE OF CUPS – You’ll meet someone who is romantically inexperienced

TWO OF CUPS – The “getting to know you” phase of a relationship

NINE OF CUPS – Feeling pride in your partner; everything you wished for

THE WORLD – Meeting your other half

THE LOVERS – Meeting someone who transforms you and teaches you about who you are

Universal Waite Tarot


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