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New Moon in Gemini Relationship Tarot Spread


The New Moon in Gemini is usually a light-hearted affair, as Gemini likes to party, meet new people, and have fun. However, tomorrow’s New Moon in Gemini coincides with a rather harsh Venus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, dredging up painful emotions that we have been holding down within the bowels of our subconscious selves.

We’ve all been heartbroken by people we love. It’s easy to blame our partners when things go wrong, but Gemini reminds us that everyone we bring into our lives are mirror reflections of ourselves. It takes two people to co-create a beautiful relationship. And it takes two people to make things go awry.

Venus brings people together in love and pushes her feel good vibes out into the world. Pluto puts you face to face with your deepest ego wounds and says “deal with it.” When these two planets bring out the worst out in one another, their combined energy compels us to examine the shadow side of attraction and love.

This New Moon in Gemini is all about setting intentions to better understand the underlying dynamics of your closest relationships. Think of a relationship – past or present. Then, grab your Tarot cards and dive deep into its undercurrents with this New Moon in Gemini relationship spread.

The positions

1 & 3 – Select two Court Cards to represent you and your partner.

2 – What part of you does your partner heal?

4 – What do you heal within your partner?

5 – What is between you?

6 – What brings the two of you together?

7 – What tears the two of you apart?

8 – What lies at the heart of this relationship?

9 – What is something I need to be aware of?


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Decision-Making Spread



Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

My go-to #Tarot spread for whenever anyone asks for a reading to help them make an important decision. This spread weighs the pros and cons for each path that is available to you.

Choice A:

1 – Pros

2 – Cons

Choice B:

3 – Pros

4 – Cons

5 – Advice

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Using Tarot to Interpret My “House” Dreams


For the past three years I have been dreaming about houses. These dreams happen about once a month, and always involve me either moving into or living in some amazing-looking palace of a home that I could never afford in real life. Alas, I have always been a renter. I never want to wake up from these dreams, and when I do it’s a real bummer.

I had a house dream just last night, so the first thing that I did after waking up was to grab a tarot deck and find Charlotte Dick’s DREAM INTERPRETATION SPREAD to help me decode it. You can find this spread on Charlotte’s Instagram page @dreamintuition, which I highly recommend following. I used the Dream Enchantress Tarot for this reading.


The Dream Enchantress Tarot by Lo Scarabeo


1 – What needs to be expressed?


The World is about wielding mastery over the limitations of our material existence. In the spirit world power and agency know no boundaries. But in the real world we must negotiate between the conflicting demands of body and spirit. We all have to earn our keep, feed ourselves, keep a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs. And we have to do all of these things while living a life that is authentic and true to ourselves. Too often meeting the demands of our physical existence gets in the way of pursuing our higher-order aspirations. Anyone with a “day job” knows exactly what I am talking about.

The World traditionally represents the end of a journey. Once you learn how to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of your goals, you have attained full mastery over your life. The world is your oyster, and nothing holds you back from doing what you want. Indeed, The World is a very powerful card.

Coming up in this position, it would seem that my house dreams have a lot to do with my sense of agency. Owning my own home has always been a dream of mine, but that is something that is out of reach for me right now. The World suggests that houses function in my dreams as a symbol of my personal power, and that perhaps the reason why houses appear in my dreams so often is because I feel a lack power at this point in my life.

2 – What is blocking that needs expression?


In the image of this card a courier delivers a message from up on high to everyone in the town below. Knaves (or Pages) traditionally represent learning and the willingness to open yourself up to guidance from someone who is more experienced than you. Their role is to serve others who are higher than them on the totem pole, which is why Pages are usually portrayed standing up, or in this case traipsing down the slope of a hillside.

The Knave of Wands is a reminder that I am still at a point where I am learning, especially where directing my energy is concerned. Perhaps I need to seek a mentor who can guide me in the right direction.

3 – What provoked the dream?


Ah this card brings so much insight into my house dreams! Here we see a mother and child relaxing outside their home. Back in 2013 I moved into my mother’s house in order to save money while I was building my new tarot business. This quaint-looking scene is a reminder of all the time that we spent together during my childhood. Being an only child and with my dad working all of the time to support us, it was largely just the two of us.

The Seven of Wands reminds me of the powerful influence that my mother has had on my life. On the one hand its because of her generosity that I am able to pursue a career as a processional tarot reader. But at the age of 36, I do not relish the idea of still living with her. The experience of living with my mother as an adult has proved grating at times, and I often long to move out and establish my own independence. Someday that will happen…

I also have to mention that I started having the house dreams the very same year that I moved into my mom’s house – 2013! So the timing of when these dreams began now make perfect sense to me! The Seven of Wands is clearly suggesting that my feelings of dis-empowerment are directly related to the fact that my current living situation is less than ideal.


4 – What unconscious issue needs to be resolved or healed?


Money, or the lack of it, is clearly the obstacle that stands in the way of moving out of mama’s house. Oddly enough in my natal chart I also have Chiron in Taurus in my 9th house of routines and work, which I have always interpreted to mean that I have a lot of healing issues around money. There’s no doubt that my current living situation is a part of that healing.

5 – How can I heal or resolve the issue?


This card is traditionally about a happy domestic situation. The first message I am getting from this card is that I need to make the best of my current living situation. I made a choice three years ago to leave my career track in academia and research to start a tarot business. A regular paycheck was one of the sacrifices that went hand-in-hand with that choice. With “4” being the number of foundations, this card suggests that I am now in the process of building up career #2, and that my healing is taking place through that.

The second message I get from this card is to continue doing what makes my heart sing. Yes I live with my mother for the time being, but I also get to go to a job that I love everyday! How many people get to say that? Despite the sacrifices I made to be here, the ride has been worth it. Do what you love, and the money will follow.

The DREAM INTERPRETATION SPREAD brought so much insight into dreams that I have been wondering about for years, so I am thankful to have found this!

If you are interested in learning more about using tarot for dream interpretation head on over to Charlotte’s website, dreamintuition.com. Charlotte offers tarot readings and specializes in the Collective Unconscious, Jungian dream interpretation methods, and Jungian/Meyers-Briggs personality assessment.

Deck: Tarot of the Dream Enchantress by Lo Scarabeo



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