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Full Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread


Scorpio is all about transformation and change. The constant search for truth means that Scorpio is always sniffing out anything that is false. Once those things are purged, we can emerge as more authentic versions of ourselves.

This 3-card spread for the full moon in Scorpio will help you think about what in your life needs changing, what you can do to facilitate that change, and who you can become as a result.

The positions

1.) What needs to die off?

2.) What action can I take to release this?

3.) Who am I becoming as a result?


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Choose Your Battles Tarot Spread


“Choose your battles wisely. After all, life isn’t measured by how many times you stood up to fight. It’s not winning battles that makes you happy, but its how many times you turned away and chose to look into a better direction. Life is too short to spend it on warring. Fight only the most, most, most important ones, let the rest go.” -C. JoyBell C.

There are times in life when we have to make a decision about whether we are going to invest our time and energy to fight for something, or to simply walk away. Quite often the direction we choose depends on what we can and cannot control. Fighting what lies outside our realm of control is bound to result in an uphill battle that gets you nowhere. But focusing on what you have the power to change is likely to move you forward.

Need help deciding what to do? Use the “Choose Your Battles” Tarot spread to help you identify what you can and cannot change.

The positions

1.) Heart of the matter – The bottom line.

2.) What you can’t change – What you must accept you are powerless to change

3.) Lesson to take away – What will bring me a sense of closure?

4.) What you can change – What I do have power to change.

5.) Action that will facilitate this change – What can I do to usher in this change?

6.) Highest potential – What’s the most you can make of this situation?

7.) Advice – What do you need to know about moving forward?


Golden Botticelli Tarot

After breaking up three months ago, the querent has reached out to his ex-girlfriend seeking forgiveness for his infidelity and a desire to rekindle their romance. She, however, is feeling resistant and unwilling to give him a second chance. The question is, “What does the querent need to know about pursuing this further?”

Heart of the situation -SEVEN OF SWORDS

Deception lies at the heart of the central conflict between their reunion. The querent will have to work to regain the trust that was once the foundation of his relationship.

What he can’t change – KNAVE OF WANDS

The querent has an impulsive inner nature that sometimes gets out of control. He needs to own up to this part of who he is. Sometimes the Knave of Wands does things because he wants to save face or be seen a certain way. He needs to look within himself to understand his motivations for wanting to patch this relationship together, and whether they are the right ones.

Lesson to take away – TEN OF WANDS

This card shows someone who is exhausted and worn out. Wands is generally about taking action. The querent is being called on to be more mindful of his impulsive tendencies. He can’t act on them all, as that is bound to exhaust his energy. Ten denotes a sense of finality. He might be better off accepting who he is rather than trying to be someone he is not.

What he can change – KING OF CUPS

The King of Cups represents someone with impeccable control over their emotions. The querent can make a greater effort to be aware of the emotional foundations of his impulses. Does cheating stem from an emotional need to be seen and acknowledged by the opposite sex? If that’s the case, the only way to address the cheating is to address that emotional need in some other way.

Action that will facilitate this change – THE MAGICIAN

The Magician teaches us that our inner state of mind eventually manifests itself in our outside environment. To change his situation he must first change from within, perhaps through the use of ritual and promoting specific daily habits. It’s a matter of learning through repetition.

Highest potential – ACE OF CUPS

This card represent the best possible outcome. It looks like there is a chance that the querent will succeed in his efforts of winning back his ex, but this will call on him to do inner work that he may not have the energy to complete (Ten of Wands). In this card a mother dotes on her newborn baby, giving it 100% of her attention. This is the kind of effort the querent will have to make in order to achieve his goal.


This card represents the querent’s ex-girlfriend. Note that the woman in this card cradles a wand in the same way the woman in the Ace of Cups cradles her baby. She’s an indepdent personality who isn’t afraid to be alone. With that in mind, the querent might be best off allow his ex-girlfriend to find a new love

Golden Botticelli Tarot


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A Timing Technique for Finding Love


Universal Waite Tarot

To find out when any event is likely to come to pass, pull a Tarot card for each month of the year until you get a card that resonates with the event itself.

I’ve been single for 2 years now, so the burning question on my mind this Valentine’s Day is when I can expect to meet someone whom I can love, and who will love me back (be as specific as possible when asking your question). I pulled a card for every month of this year until I got one of the “love” cards of the Tarot, specifically the Ace of Cups for the month of June. I hope this pans out!

You can use a 12-card Calendar spread to do this, with each card representing one month of the year. If you pulled 12 cards but none of them seem to speak to the event you are asking about, it’s likely that this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. In that case, you might want to ask the cards if there is anything you can do to change the timing. If you’re not getting out of the house to meet people, expect it to take a while.

Here are some Tarot cards to keep a lookout for if you are on the look-out for romance:

ACE OF WANDS – Potential for physical passion

ACE OF CUPS – Potential for deep emotional bonding

QUEEN OF CUPS – You’ll meet someone who is receptive to your love

KNIGHT OF CUPS – You’ll meet someone who will pursue you

THE FOOL – Beginning a new life chapter with someone

FOUR OF WANDS – Long-term domestic happiness

TEN OF CUPS – An emotionally fulfilling relationship

PAGE OF CUPS – You’ll meet someone who is romantically inexperienced

TWO OF CUPS – The “getting to know you” phase of a relationship

NINE OF CUPS – Feeling pride in your partner; everything you wished for

THE WORLD – Meeting your other half

THE LOVERS – Meeting someone who transforms you and teaches you about who you are

Universal Waite Tarot


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Release & Let Go Tarot Spread


Release LetGo Spread

Venus has been in retrograde since July 25. Until it goes direct on September 5, many of us will be looking back on our past relationships or evaluating what we want out of our current ones.

The Venus Retrograde has been hitting me particularly hard. Old boyfriends and connections from my past have been bringing themselves to my attention in one way or another. I am revisiting and re-evaluating relationships that have not yet resolved themselves, and searching for the connecting thread that ties them all together.

Being currently single, I can’t help but wonder if looking back on the relationships of my past will reveal some clues regarding why I have not yet met my life partner. What patterns of behavior or ways of thinking do these relationships highlight? This is important for me to know because its these patterns that are keeping me from finding my life partner.

Bringing outworn habits into my conscious awareness is my preferred method of releasing them. I created the “Release & Let Go” spread with that goal in mind. This spread is designed to help you identify a recurring pattern that is serving to keep you from finding greater happiness and contentment in your relationships. The goal is to be aware of what these things are so that you can take make a conscious effort to release them.

Here are the positions and my interpretation of the cards that I drew for myself:

1.) Blockage: What patterns or habits are blocking you from experiencing full satisfaction in your love life?

In the Four of Cups we see a young man staring ahead of himself with a look of discontent on his face. It’s apparent that he has zero interest in what surrounds him, as well as the golden opportunity that is being handed to him. The message that the Four of Cups bears for me speaks to missing out on opportunities that are all around me because I am not looking for them.

When it comes to the patterns that I fall into, the message of the Four of Cups is spot on. Being the introvert that I am, the idea of dating – of going out to coffee or dinner with a stranger and having to make conversation with that person until the date ends – has always held minimal appeal to me. Needless to say, I am not in the habit of pursuing opportunities to meet other people on the dating “scene”. That is something that tends to push me out of my comfort zone.

The Four of Cups is a reminder that it is easy to become mired complacency. Being alone is comfortable and safe, but at the end of the day everyone needs to feel loved. This card is a loud and clear message that I will not find opportunities that seek if I do not go out in search for them. When it comes to my love life, I tend to operate under the mentality that the person who is meant to be my life partner will find me when the time it right. The Four of Cups suggests that in my case, finding love isn’t so much a matter of timing as it is a matter of breaking a pattern of being too passive and waiting for it to come to me. Finding love will require me to push myself out of my comfort zone.

2.) Partner: What does your partner bring to the table by way of enabling these patterns?

The Six of Cups shows two children who engaged in the mutual exchange of love and affection. At first glance it seems as if the giving is happening in one direction only. However, look closer and you will see that the giver – the older boy – is happy precisely because he making someone else happy. There is pleasure in giving, just as there is pleasure in receiving. The Six of Cups speaks to reciprocity in our relationships, particularly where the expression of love and affection is concerned. The energy exchange needs to go both ways.

The Six of Cups reversed suggests that by ignoring the opportunities around me, I send the message that I am unavailable and thus close myself off to attracting potential partners. If I want to catch someone’s eye, I will have to work on sending out the right signals. A lot of this has to do with simply being open to meeting new people.

If you are single, the card that lands in this position indicates the kind of partner(s) you tend to attract as a result of the blocking pattern indicated in position 1.


3.) Release: How can you learn to release this pattern?

THE CHARIOT speaks to the drive to succeed in life. Quite often success depends on the ability to construct a specific persona for yourself that is going to help you meet your goals. We all have masks that we put on for the world to help others see that we belong in certain roles. This is why jobs require uniforms. The reason for wearing any uniform is not so much about functionality, as it is about conveying a specific message to the world about who you are and what you do. This, in turn, encourages other to respond in a certain way. This is the essence of THE CHARIOT. In “Chariot” situations, who you are is the image you convey.

THE CHARIOT also speaks to the experience of striving towards a goal in order to succeed at something. It is a card of action, about being the creator of your own destiny, instead of waiting for destiny to happen to you. Most of us work daily to achieve a single, overall goal. For me, this card speaks to exactly where I am at right now in life. Day in and day out I pour a tremendous amount of my energy and resources into my tarot reading business, all in the name of achieving one goal – to earn a livelihood on my own terms only.

In the reversed position, THE CHARIOT shows us what happens when the drive to succeed is taken to an extreme. In my case, I tend to develop tunnel vision, seeing one goal only and pushing aside anything that does not serve to get me there. I have a habit of prioritizing work over pleasure, continuously telling myself that I will make time for dating when my business and personal finances are more stable. What follows from doing this, however, is zero dates, and no man. If I am going to find someone, I have to find a better work-life balance and make a point to put myself out there.

THE CHARIOT reversed also asks me to consider whether my career serves as an “armor” that stops me from opening myself up to love. See my interpretation of the Seven of Swords for more on that…

4.) Higher Guidance: Additional advice on learning how to release this pattern.

The SEVEN OF SWORDS depicts a thief going behind the backs of others to make off with things that do not belong to him. This is a card about stealing, deception, and hiding away things that we do not want others to see.

In my reading, the SEVEN OF SWORDS reversed seems to be saying that there is an armor that I put up that prevents potential partners from being able to see who I really am. It is asking me to consider what I keep to myself, hidden away from others.

In considering what this message refers to, it occurred to me that I am never 100% honest about what I do when meeting new people, largely out of fear that I will be judged. The majority of people with whom I interact in the times when I do put myself “out there” are not new-age, metaphysical types, so I am very hesitant to tell most people that I read tarot cards for a living.

The SEVEN OF SWORDS asks me to consider if concealing my occupation from others is fair to me or any potential partner? The Higher Guidance wants me to consider the possibility of putting “out there” the very things that I prefer to hide from others.


So what did I learn about my own patterns that block me from finding love?

  • I have a habit of not wanting to put myself “out there” and meet different people. I am going to have to yank myself out of my comfort zone and put myself in situations where I am meeting new people.
  • I need to release my workaholism, as it has become my “armor”.  Making the time to date will call on me to re-evaluate the priority that I assign to my career.
  • What else will help me get there? It’s important to be 100% honest about who I am, even in the face of judgement. By putting out an energy that is authentic, I attract the right people to me. This means telling potential dates that I am a tarot reader, as opposed to being a blogger.

Did you try this spread? Tell me what you learned about yourself in the comments below!



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