What people are saying after a Tarot reading with me…

carrie-mallonA few months ago, I found myself constantly dreaming about an old friend. It felt cosmically significant, but I couldn’t see for myself why that was. And so I turned to Vickie, and received an in-depth, articulate, and to the point reading. Vickie incorporated astrology and tarot, with astonishing results. My mouth was literally hanging open as I read certain parts – she described my friendship with this person SO accurately, it was like she knew us! It was also really useful for me to get a reading from Vickie because her style was direct – no fluff, no fancy frills – just straight up wisdom. She’s wonderful at giving tough love! There were a few things in the reading that I know I NEEDED to hear, but I didn’t necessarily WANT to hear them at the time, haha! Vickie was always kind and empathetic, but still told it like it was. I really admire that approach. – Carrie, carriemallon.com


kelly_marie_lux“I came to Victoria with a burning relationship question that had been plaguing me for the last two years. Her reading was very straightforward and honest. There were no overtly optimistic fluffy clouds, just illuminated observations that resonated within me as the truth. She read completely from her intuition and she was spot on with her interpretations. She also added an astrological component to the reading that provided a great deal of dimension and insight, and basically left me in awe. I also appreciated her encouraging words. This reading was amazing and it has helped me so much. Now I feel like I have clues into my situation, and a weight has been lifted off me. I would recommend Victoria’s readings to anyone who feels they need some guidance in this lifetime. She totally knows her stuff and has clearly been graced with a special gift from the universe.”   – Kelly Marie


14600524_10157466312740580_873108966_o“Vickie’s reading was very empowering and I am honestly grateful for her wisdom. I was blown away by how spot-on and accurate she was. I also really appreciated the fact that she took the time to communicate with me before the reading to make sure the reading would address my needs and have a better focus. I came to her with a question about communication issues with a friend of mine, and she captured the dynamics of our friendship so well and gave me so much useful advice to help me move forward. Vickie got straight down to business: practical, logical, but also deeply compassionate — just the right amount of loving truth-bomb to shake me out of my comfort zone and inspire positive insight and action. I remember thinking to myself: “No wonder her site is called Eternal Athena–because this is so like the spirit of Athena.” Thank you so much again for this reading and I am so happy that you are who you are as a reader! Much love.” –Kimberly fablesden.com


Sarah_Lynn_Knowles“I found my reading to be incredibly insightful. Vickie’s depth of understanding, uncanny insight, and super-clear communication style really exceeded my expectations. In my case, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me to truly let go of a toxic situation — and while that part was clear, I was struggling with HOW to do so! After submitting my question, Vickie reached out to clarify and confirm that the question we were asking would truly get at the heart of the matter. With that sorted out, the resulting reading couldn’t have been more spot-on. Her detailed interpretations of the cards — and the way she related one to another, given their placement and innate symbolism — provided a lot of comforting clarity and guidance towards my next steps. I felt empowered in the weeks after, not only to let go of the situation as intended, but to actually grow from it! I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking clarity on an issue of confusion or discomfort in their lives.” – Sarah, sarahspy.com


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“Thank you Vickie for a great reading! The way you described what’s going on in my life and how I feel was spot on. The reading was very deep and insightful and gave me a lot to think about and to work on to make some changes in my life to make things better. Thank you!” – Carina, carinarubin.com




“I only provided Vickie with a birth date and scope of interest, “career outlook” and she was able to put together a reading that was spot on. I look forward to using Vickie’s services again with confidence that she will deliver!” – Kerry



Amelia BW


“Thank you for the help, it’s better than therapy!” – Amelia



“Vickie provided me with insight into a problem I have been struggling with the past year or two. She gave me insight and clarity regarding my situation, and I could not be more grateful. You are not only getting a reading, but someone who genuinely cares and wants to help you using her gift. Vickie has a way of delving into your innermost emotions, while also giving you logical and practical advice using her tarot skills. Her readings are extremely well written. They could not be more clear and concise.  Also, from a value standpoint her pictures and layout of her readings are just beautifully done.  Thanks again, Vickie!” – CC


“Vickie is a talented card reader who uses an effective balance between her intellect and intuition. She gets straight to the point with precision-like insight, and is highly discerning. I found my reading to be an accurate reflection of the current circumstances in my life.” –Ashley, sungoddessashley.com


“I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for the Tarot reading. THANK YOU! That reading provided closure for me… a few hours after the reading I threw out all that I had left of hers. Your insights from the reading into her and her current situation were incredibly profound. The reading gave me perspective on what happened.” -Miguel


“Vickie has helped me a lot with the interpretation of reading. Has been very sincere and explains the things as they are. She also gives you useful tips to get out of the situation where you are. I greatly appreciate her help. “ -Beatriz


“I’ve known Vickie ( aka Victoria, Eternal Athena…) for some time now, being a member of her L.A. Tarot Fanatics Study Meetup group – so I knew where to turn when experiencing a stressful situation.  Vickie is unique when compared to other readers. She possesses a tremendous amount of Tarot knowledge, blended with historical facts and symbolic understanding.  Vickie’s interpretation of the cards does not merely rely on intuition,  but rather she incorporates her skills and is able to distinguish and share aspects in regards to a particular situation, providing valuable insight.” – Marianne


“Wow thank you so much. The reading reassured me that I have the strength inside to overcome my upcoming battles. You’ve helped me to release so much stress I have built up inside of me already. It felt so good to think about my reading and smile.” – Katie


“Thank you Vickie for the extremely insightful reading! It was spot-on and re-confirmed what I already had in mind. It gave me a lot to think about and helped me get a better perspective on the question I had in mind! Looking forward to connecting with you in the future! Thanks a ton.” – Shreiyaa


“Of all the people I have sought to help me put my situation in perspective, Victoria has gone above and beyond to enlighten my life with her expertise and truth! I’m utterly amazed at the detail and insight she has given me to move forward with my situation. Words can’t even begin to describe the freedom I’m beginning to feel in my life. Thank you, Victoria for caring and for your meticulousness in regards to my situation. I will continue to seek you out for my future endeavors and recommend you to all my friends and family!” – Amanda


“I tried Vickie’s Seven Day reading during a calm period in my life.  I was going to be taking a long road trip for several days and thought that it would be fun to see the daily readings and I could leave my own cards at home (the car was REALLY full!).  I was amazed with the results.  An event that seemed small was surprisingly reflected in the reading.  I emailed Vickie, because she encourages feedback.  Given , she added more insight.  The next day, even more detail surfaced.  It seemed like I had communication from the universe with Vickie working as an unbiased mentor.  It was even better than talking about the situation to my traveling companion, because everything was clearly sketched in the cards and Vickie’s text.  I read what she said a few times to see the information objectively.  I even changed the way that I handled the issue—an actual improvement over my normal was to just ‘put up with it.’.  The next day, I got more information based on my choice!  By the end of the seven days, I learned to tell the other person that they were asking too much of me.  It was nice to have the daily readings to help me see that I wasn’t being selfish or mean.  The other person’s reaction was amazing.  I was able to change the situation in an honest and fair way that  made my life much better. I like ‘big’ readings, but the Seven Day was better at the time.  I got a seemingly small issue detected and handled in a very ‘evolved’ and new way.  Since I had the readings and Vickie’s generous interpretation along with it, I developed better behavior.  That situation resolved, but I found myself handling other similar situations better, too!  With Vickie’s guidance I really made a big step forward. I will get the Seven Days readings more frequently from now on!” –Paula


“My husband and I were amazed with how on-point you were with EVERYTHING! Thank you so RWS_Sunmuch, you were wonderful and we both appreciate the time and effort you put into our reading. We were amazed with the results, and we can go into this process somewhat prepared. Your reading was informative, detailed and great quality as well. Thank you again, you are such a blessing! ;)” –Deann


“Your reading was so insightful and I thank you SO much for delivering such helpful messages. I have so much to think about and this reading will be staying with me for a while as a form of motivation. I needed this so much. Thank you, Vickie! You’re absolutely wonderful at what you do!!!” – Rose


“With little information to begin with, Vickie was able to provide me with an accurate reading and quickly pointed out my past and present challenges. She has a great deal of insight and seemed to highlight areas of my life that require more attention. Vickie provided me with things to focus on for my self improvement, and detailed information regarding what I may need to know to better my life. Her work was phenomenal, everyone should look into an appointment with her!” – CC


“Your advice was very useful and accurate!! I have been wanting to do exactly what your reading suggested for awhile. I guess I needed a little push. Thank you so much it was very clear and understanding.” – Juanita


“Today I received an unexpected, unprecedented gift from Vickie Wilson. I had no idea how sensitive an inquiry was possible through reading Tarot cards. I could feel how much Vickie loves what’s possible in interpreting what turns up, and how smoothly she follows her curiosity to uncover insights that I didn’t realize were essential to my understanding of what’s REALLY been bothering me! Since we can’t do anything about a problem we can’t own, I’m so grateful and surprised at what Vickie has helped me see as the biggest block to my moving forward. Something I’d just set aside a sorrow I must endure suddenly came into clear focus as the very first and most important issue needing my attention and care. She had pinpointed the cause of so much of my pain and trauma. It would not have occurred to me that a relationship issue I thought was an effect in my life, is actually a cause of continuing trouble. I’ve experienced Tarot readings over the years as either scary or in line with what I already understood about myself, but Vickie’s approach went deeper and discovered so much more.” – Kate


“Your response is quick, professional, and to the point. You got a lot more than I ever would have expected from that one single card!” – Terri


“Thank you so much for my reading it really helped me clarify some things in my mind and I have you to thank. Your reading was very much on point and it told me what I needed to know.” – Kris



“Thank you so much for your time and effort this is a wonderful reading, I am speechless.” – Ana


“Thanks so much for taking the time to do my reading. I must say that it is very accurate, and has confirmed what I have been thinking.” – Vivian


“Thank you for the reading, I find this information to be detailed going into the way I feel in my present situation and what I can do to make things better. I feel a bit of encouragement and motivation as I am trying to get over the situation with my ex. Thank you for this reading.” – Thanh


“The information you provided me is not only accurate but concise and insightful and therefore extremely helpful.” – Penny


“… you’re truly quite insightful and intuitive.” – Sergio


“It’s incredible how right-on you are with the reading!” – Alisa


“You were able to pick-up minute details that I am amazed.” – Mayuri


Everything panned out as you said it would, I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful reading!” – Ruth


“I was amazed and surprised, the reading was so detailed and accurate. The reading will really help me make my decision.” – Michelle


“It was as if what she saw in the cards was something we had chatted about over a coffee.” – Fiona


“You were very accurate!” – Heather


“You were correct about everything! And you gave great advice!” – India


“Your reading touched on so many things and I was actually shocked by how accurate it was.” – Christie


“You have an amazing skill! If you are ever in Scotland look me up!” – Mary